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C911 General Purpose

Looking for a general purpose 100% RTV silicone that won’t let you down?

Check out our C911 product line!


C911 General Purpose is an excellent adhesive that has many general purpose application possibilities for around the home.

Made from 100% RTV silicone, this sealant is easy to use, strong, flexible, insulating and has a waterproof seal that has exceptional weatherability.


For use when installing doors, windows, vents, tile, sinks, siding, showers, gutters, faucets, flashing, and so much more. Providing excellent adhesion to most clean materials/surfaces that will not disappoint in performance.


With acetoxy curing, waterproof seal that will stay flexible, you can rest assure that your project will meet and excel expectations.


There will be a vinegar like smell released during the short curing time that will not crack, crumble or peel and will safely secure materials together and protect against moisture.


Available in a wide array of colors, the C911 color range is one of our most extensive. As well as being one of our prime candidates for our custom color matching (more information available on our custom color page).



You can find more information located on the product page. 


Remember, “More than just the name sticks”

Originally Published on Tuesday, May 26, 2020