C770 Stone, Marble & Granite

Specially formulated 100% RTV silicone created to work on non-porous surfaces to be a non-staining, mildew resistant adhesive that creates a watertight and flexible seal.

C770 adheres excellently to non-porous surfaces which make it an ideal sealant for back splashes, bathroom fixtures, ceramic tile, countertops, cultured marble panels, rimless sinks, shower-tub enclosures and so much more.
This special formulation works well with cultures marble, glass, granite, natural stone, porcelain, wood and other non-porous surfaces.
C770 is available in a variety of colors including Almond, Clear, Translucent, and White.
Also available in a translucent color range including T-Beige, T-Blue, T-Charcoal, T-Earth, T-Green, T-Rose and T-White.

You can find more information located on the product page.
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Originally Published on Friday, January 21, 2022